A Reason for the Stitches

When an artist sits down to begin working on a masterpiece, they don't just slap everything down at once.  It's a process of time, one layer at a time.  God is also the greatest artist Who is working on each of our lives.  Below is a little something I wrote 3 years ago, but came across a little while ago and decided to share.


Before I was born, You already had a plan for my life.
It is like a beautiful tapestry.
You create it one stitch at a time;
One day at a time.
It is designed to be unique with no match.
You begin with my family.
They are the perfect match for me.
You then choose the colors and pattern to define "me",
After all, You know me far better than anyone.
You had a reason for all those stitches.

You begin to plan out every day carefully.
Each little scraped up knee and pet I would own.
All the kids who would become my friends.
Every play date with Daddy or story time with Mommy.
The moment I heard of Your sacrifice for me and accepted.
You had a reason for all those stitches.

You then planned farther.
As You began to weave the moments I will treasure,
a gentle smile touches Your lips.
The laughter and joy was added in by Your skillful fingers.
As You wove the moments of pain,
Your brow furrowed in sadness.
You felt the heartaches as You wove them with Your powerful hands.
It broke Your heart during the trials and the sorrows.
The times I doubted, a tear rolled down Your cheek.
But still, You kept weaving.
You had a reason for all those stitches.

You shaped my future with a purpose.
The plans I would make had Your prints on them.
All the places I would go included Your provision.
Every person I would meet showed Your planning.
You had a reason for all those stitches.

You also had another tapestry.
This one belonged to another;
Unique and special, just like mine.
You took some from that one and began to weave it into mine.
Another gift from You.
The more You added for me, the more it took shape.
You had a reason for all those stitches.

My pattern began to take shape the farther You went.
You saw my Ups and Downs.
Even my Highs and Lows.
Nothing wasn't added without a purpose.
The times I would fall,
You provided hope.
Even the times I would feel lost,
You held up the light.
With every moment came a promise.
A tender, loving kiss of Your love and provision for me.
And Your love reaches so deep in each stitch.
Because You had a reason for all those stitches.

At the end, You stood back and smiled.
It was Your perfect plan for me.
And only You see the final masterpiece.
Only You can see every trial and every heartache to come.
No tear or frustrated prayer will every take you by surprise.
It is Your will.
No laugh or moments of joy will be less than perfect for me.
It is Your plan.
No opportunity or beautiful friendship will not be needed.
Because it is Your means of drawing me closer to You.
That is Your reason for all those stitches.

Love, Emily


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