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I am Elizabeth Bennet

I am Elizabeth Bennet.

I'm a sucker for love stories and Jane Austin's Pride & Prejudice is a classic!  One aspect of the story that I enjoyed was figuring out which characters took turns being the pride and prejudice.  When it came down to the main lovers, I always viewed it as Darcy was the pride and Lizzie was the prejudice, but then I came to the conclusion that Lizzie was both proud and prejudice.   I'll be honest that I wanted to strangle Lizzie's neck or run in the story and slap her prideful little face and tell her to allow Darcy to change instead of concluding he was this monster he really wasn't!  But today, I realized I was just like Lizzie; the very traits I struggled with in her were within me.  I've always been one to judge off of "first impressions" and generally I'm pretty good at reading people and knowing if it will be a potential partnership or friendship.  But sometimes, just like Lizzie, we can make a judgment and be so s…

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